Money Connection Summer 2021

2 Show Some Coke Pride with Our New Debit Card Designs What to Know About Today’s Real Estate Market 3 Don’t Let Your Account Go Dormant Did You Move or Change Your Email? Update Your Contact Info Today! Text to Join Our Maling List 4 What’s Up at CCCU? MONEY CONNECTION Coca-Cola Credit Union Quarterly Member Newsletter | Summer 2021 All Good Things Start with M Access your Coca-Cola Credit Union accounts and maintain your peace of mind online or on-the-go with any of the following money management tools. 1. Add. Add your Coca-Cola Credit Union Debit Card to Mobile Wallet 2. Look. Find the contactless symbol at checkout when shopping at participating merchants. M OBILE WALLET Take advantage of a safer, faster way to use your Coca-Cola Credit Union Debit Card by using Mobile Wallet. With Mobile Wallet, you pay for purchases directly from your mobile device in seconds just by waving or tapping it at the checkout terminal. Here’s all you need to know to confidently use your card: M ONEYDESKTOP See all your accounts at once with MoneyDesktop - our Personal Financial Management tool that helps you budget and manage your finances all in one place. A convenient and complete money management experience, MoneyDesktop is seamlessly integrated into Coca-Cola Credit Union’s online banking. Include ALL your Coca-Cola Credit Union accounts and non-CCCU accounts and get an accurate overall snapshot of your finances as a whole. Here are some things you can do with MoneyDesktop: 3. Tap. Or wave your mobile device at the checkout terminal. 4. Go. Your payment is processed in seconds! n Add all your accounts to one place so you can effortlessly track your finances n See the status of your budgets at a glance and enjoy automated budgets based on your spending categories n Get a simple view of your monthly spending habits and understand your problem areas so you can fix them quickly n ...and much, much more! M OBIMONEY Take control of your finances with MobiMoney, a FREE mobile app that offers Coca-Cola Credit Union cardholders a convenient way to manage their debit cards. MobiMoney enables you to: n Turn your debit card on or off with a single touch n Receive instant alerts about your debit card transactions on your mobile device n Limit debit card usage based on location, merchant preferences, transaction type and threshold amounts n ...and much more! For more information or to get started with any of our money management solutions, visit . or contact a Member Service Representative at 404-676-2586 or