The Wave | March 2019

Auto, Home, Boats, Credit Cards, and More! Florida Credit Union makes it easy to apply online! Visit and click on Apply for a Loan. Choose the loan that suits your needs, fill out the form, and submit it. You’ll hear from a loan officer before the end of the next business day. Your loan is waiting for you—apply today! Apply Online WAVE T HE March/April Calendar Events • Mar. 5–10 – 69th Annual Bradford County Fair – Starke • Mar. 15 – 22nd Annual WCR Golf Tournament – Gainesville • Mar. 16 – St. Paddy’s Day 5K – Ocala • Mar. 23 – 13th Annual Florida Wildflower & Garden Festival – DeLand • Mar. 23 – 2019 Hogtown Craft Beer Festival - Gainesville • Apr. 6–7 – 20th Annual Strawberry Festival – Starke • Apr. 6 – 50th Annual Spring Arts Festival - Gainesville • Apr. 6 – 2019 Spring Parade of Homes - Gainesville • Apr. 12 – 4th Annual 2019 HVMF BBQ & Music Festival – Lake City MARCH 2019 FLOR IDA CREDI T UNION Federally Insured by NCUA Home Equity Loans vs HELOC: Which is right for you? Owning a home means you’ve built equity, which can be a valuable source of funding. Whether you’re looking to make renovations to your property, go on a dream vacation, or consolidate some outstanding debt, using the value of your home can be a much more affordable option than taking out an unsecured loan. Typically, there are two options when you’re intending to utilize the equity in your house: a home equity loan, or a home equity line of credit (also known as a HELOC). While these two types of loans are similar in that they both draw from your home’s existing value, the way they are disbursed to you from your financial institution differs. A home equity loan is issued as a lump sum and typically has a fixed rate. This means it’s much easier to ensure how much you owe each month because the payment never changes. However, you’ll be paying interest on the whole amount, whether you utilize the whole loan amount or not. This is typically a great choice if you’re planning to make a big purchase or are consolidating debt. A home equity line of credit (HELOC) works more like a credit card; you’ll have access to that funding as you need it, and can draw upon the amount like you do a traditional line of credit. You only pay interest on the amount of credit you use, which can be very cost effective. However, HELOC’s are typically adjustable, or variable, rates, so they can change based on benchmarks and can become harder to account for in your regular budget. A HELOC is typically a great choice if you need flexibility in your finances. No matter your current financial needs, Florida Credit Union can support you. For more information on FCU home equity loans or HELOCs, or to get started on your application, visit us online at .