Financial Watch | Winter 2020

Financial Watch Winter 2020 Having worked at HLEFCU for more than three decades, I have experienced the passing of an officer while on duty many times previously. I remember them all and some I knew well. The grief eventually subsides, but the memory of what these officers meant to our collective ‘ohana never goes away. The comfort of knowing there are so many superb, upstanding law enforcement officers in Hawaii, like Tiffany and Kaulike, inspires us to support their families and future at HLEFCU. Our staff is firmly committed to helping the Enriquez and Kalama ‘ohana. In partnership with SHOPO, we have set up a special account, The Officers Enriquez & Kalama Memorial Fund , to accept donations from the public. Please encourage everyone to give and let them know 100 percent of all monies received will go to the two families. Mahalo Tiffany, Kaulike, and Hawaii’s law enforcement ‘ohana. You are loved, appreciated and will always be treasured. Rene Matsuura President and CEO With Great Respect and Aloha, All of us at the Hawaii Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union have such great love, aloha and respect for the dedicated men and women in law enforcement who protect our communities and keep us safe. Our staff genuinely feels they are a part of Hawaii’s law enforcement ‘ohana. We get to know the officers and their family members when we talk about important life decisions, like loans, mortgages and financial planning for their future. We realize the dangers these officers face every day. And we also see how much they give back to our communities, how much they volunteer to support charities, and how much they work with kids to strengthen their character and self-confidence. The tragic passing of Honolulu police officers Tiffany Enriquez and Kaulike Kalama, as they bravely performed their duty, has been devastating. These were two community heroes who were dedicated to a lifetime of service to make life in Hawaii stronger and better for everyone. As with any ‘ohana, our staff has shed many tears at HLEFCU over the loss of Tiffany and Kaulike. We share the grief felt by their families and friends, and fellow officers at the Honolulu Police Department. Donations are being accepted at HLEFCU’s main office in Honolulu and its community branches in Kapolei and Pearl City either by mail via check or in person at any of the three locations. Checks must be made payable to The Officers Enriquez & Kalama Memorial Fund. Help Support the Enriquez and Kalama ‘Ohana! HLEFCU Main Office 1537 Young Street, 3rd Floor Honolulu, HI 96826 HLEFCU Kapolei Branch 889 Kamokila Boulevard Kapolei, HI 96707 HLEFCU Pearl City Branch 1140 Kuala Street Pearl City, HI 96782 In tribute to Honolulu police officers Tiffany Enriquez and Kaulike Kalama, HLEFCU has established The Officers Enriquez & Kalama Memorial Fund to accept donations from the public in support of their ‘ohana. Tiffany leaves behind three daughters and a grandson, while Kaulike is survived by a wife and son. Their families need our help. This dedicated fund is a meaningful way to honor their memory and service as heroic police officers. Importantly, 100 percent of all funds received will go to the Enriquez and Kalama ‘ohana. SHOPO is administering the distribution of funds. SHOPO President Malcolm Lutu said, “This is the official financial institution account that SHOPO is utilizing for the public to make donations to help support the families of Officer Tiffany Enriquez and Officer Kaulike Kalama. The public’s help is greatly appreciated.”