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ACOUSTICWOOD VENEER WALL & CEILING PANELS • 888-987-6872 WHY TERRACOUSTICS™ WOOD CEILINGS & WALLS? WHY WOOD CEILINGS AND WALLS? Wood provides your design trifecta: beautiful, durable and cost effective. Natural wood creates rich, warm, and luxurious interior environments while providing a beautiful solution to noise control. TerrAcoustics™, a leader in acoustic wood veneer wall and ceiling panel systems, provides high-quality, cost-effective acoustic wood solutions that will delight your clients and deliver well on their interior design and architectural needs, within their budgets. WHAT’S UNIQUE ABOUT TERRACOUSTICS™? • We have higher standards for quality control. • We have a proven reputation for standing behind our products (and you!). • We offer an eco-friendly acoustical insulation, TerraCORE® Poly! • We offer products that provide superior sound control. WHERE CAN YOU USE TERRACOUSTICS™? • Auditoriums • Entertainment Events • Night Clubs • Performing Arts Centers • Video Conference Rooms • Sports Complexes • Executive Conference Rooms • Restaurants • Visitor and Business Centers • Cinemas • Casinos • Hospitals • Museums • Retail Stores • Home Theaters • TV and Radio Broadcast Studios • Giant Screen Venues • Recording Studios • Screening Rooms • Multimedia Environments WHY PARTNER WITH TERRACOUSTICS™? It’s all about the natural beauty of wood while gaining acoustics in your interior space! • Our products are gorgeous; take a look at our samples. • Our products work, giving you superior acoustical performance, along with Class A fire ratings where needed. • We offer the best value on the market for a quality wood acoustic solution. • Our team is trained to provide cost alternative methods to help minimize costs without impacting quality and performance. • Along with our TerraCORE® Poly, increase your competitive advantage by offering innovative new acoustic solutions. 3