Bartley Group TerrAcoustics Binder

ACOUSTICWOOD VENEER WALL & CEILING PANELS • 888-987-6872 39 1.5 QUALITY ASSURANCE (continued) C. The TerrAcoustics™ panels are fabricated using class A fire rated materials. The panel cores and/or finish coatings shall comply with fire code requirements. Submittal data is based on material supplier tests. Due to the variety of patterns and veneer combinations available that differ on a project-by-project basis, panel composite testing has not been completed. TerrAcoustics™ offers five options of panel construction based on the requirements of the installation: C. Option 1: Class A fire rated MDF substrate, standard wood veneer panel face and clear finish coating. • Standard Wood Veneers offered: walnut (quarter cut and crown cut), maple, ash (quarter cut, crown cut and crown cut-strong), bamboo, anigre, teak, oak, sapele, cherry and beech. Custom veneers may also be available at an additional price. • Standard finish: CLEAR. • Custom stain panels available. • Solid, marble, wood, and many HPL patterns available C. Option 2: Non fire rated MDF substrate, standard wood veneer panel face and clear finish coating. D. Environmental Standards: upon request, TerrAcoustics™ panels shall comply with environmental standards set by accredited industry organizations. E. Alternate Bids: alternate products shall be submitted to the Architectural/Design firm ten (10) days prior to bid closing. Alternate bids can only be considered as an alternate to the specified base bid product. 1.6 SUBMITTALS A. Product Data: TerrAcoustics™ shall provide technical specifications and installation guidelines for all required panels. B. Samples: When required, one (1) 12" x 12" TerrAcoustics™ panel, in the specified TerrAcoustics™ panel style, with finish applied, shall be submitted for approval. 1.7 DELIVERY, INSPECTION, STORAGE, AND HANDLING A. TerrAcoustics™ panels shall be delivered to the project site in original, unopened packages. Any damage to package material, discrepancy in quantity or errors should be put in writing and submitted immediately to the Contractor. B. The TerrAcoustics™ panels shall be stored flat and level, in a fully enclosed space as per section 1.8 of these specifications. The panels shall be stored in the room in which they will be installed at least 96 hours before the installation takes place and allow to acclimatize. Factory finished products require up to a week or more on site for acclimatization. The room conditions, namely the room's temperature and humidity, shall match the conditions that will be normal in the occupied space. C. Store the TerrAcoustics™ panels off the ground, on a pallet. D. TerrAcoustics™ panels shall be handled in a manner that will protect them from any type of damage. E. Review the TerrAcoustics™ Installation Guidelines (available upon request from your local dealer) for details on how to store, handle and acclimatize the panels prior to installation.