Money Matters Summer 2019

410-534-4500 | 1-800-JHFCU-70 SUMMER 2019 JOHNS HOPKINS FEDERAL CREDIT UNION ANYTHING LOAN That’s right…ANYTHING! JHFCU can be the answer you need for getting things done. Need a new roof? Want to get your house painted? Or perhaps you received the bill for your child’s tuition (right before vacation)? There’s a list of things you may need, and an even longer list of things you’d like to have. Here’s where we come in. We can help you with new tires to ensure you safely arrive where you need to be, upgrade your appliances to get the latest features (or to just not have to deal with a leak), or pay a legal or medical bill. You can use the Anything Loan to pay off other bills, too. Apply for our Anything Loan to nance, well, anything—a pool, new patio, private school, furniture, renovations, vacation, wedding, computer, college, appliances, or even for debt consolidation—or those less-than-fun things like medical bills, vet bills, moving expenses, or taxes to name a few. To apply for the Anything Loan, visit and log in to your account. It’s quick and you can have funds deposited directly into your JHFCU account. Have a larger project? Check out our Home Equity Loan and Line of Credit options. Questions? contact our Lending Department at 410-534-4500, ext. 503 , or email . RELAXING VACATION NEW SWIMMING POOL TUITION BILLS NEW APPLIANCES