Bartley Group TerrAcoustics Binder

ACOUSTICWOOD VENEER WALL & CEILING PANELS • 888-987-6872 41 2.1 MANUFACTURERS (continued) C. Substitutions: 1. Unless otherwise provided in Contract Documents, proposed substitutions shall be submitted to Architect no later than 10 days prior to date established for receipt of bid. 2. Architect will determine acceptability of proposed substitution and will notify bidder of acceptance or rejection in writing. Proposed substitutions accepted for use on this project by Architect shall be set forth by addenda. 3. Requests for substitution shall include a mock-up panel, which incorporates a mid-wall condition, not less than 18" x 18" in size along with documentation consisting of complete product data, test reports and comparative analysis substantiating compliance of proposed substitution with Contract Documents. 4. Wherever proposed substitution involves changes or modifications to elements of Project, submit drawings showing changes and modifications made necessary by proposed substitution. 5. Proposed substitution shall meet or exceed requirements of this specification including but not limited to, items as follows: a. Acoustic performance b. Fire resistance performance c. Core material composition d. Panel size and design 6. Requests for substitution constitute a representation that Bidder/Contractor: a. Has personally investigated proposed substitute product and determined it is equal or superior in all respects to specified product; b. Will provide same warranty for substitution as for specified product; c. Waives claims for additional costs related to substitution which subsequently become apparent; and d. Will coordinate installation substitution if accepted, making such changes as may be required for work to be complete in all respects. 7. Requests for substitution which do not provide adequate data for evaluation by Architect will not be considered. 8. Substitution will not be considered which are not presented prior to Bid and will be rejected outright when they are indicated or implied on shop drawings or product data submittals without prior approval by Architect prior to bid submission. D. The TerrAcoustics™ panels shall be of a no-added-urea-formaldehyde fire rated MDF core with a natural wood veneer face and a clear finish coating. Select from the standard wood veneer selection: walnut (quarter cut and crown cut), maple, ash (quarter cut, crown cut and crown cut-strong), bamboo, teak, anigre, oak, sapele, cherry, beech, bamboo natural, bamboo caramelized, solid, marble, wood and many HPL patterns available. A factory installed Sound Tex™ nonwoven acoustic material is applied to the back of each panel. E. The TerrAcoustics™ panels shall be [part number]. Each part number indicates the pattern / design preference. Indicate the size / dimension in [X] inches/millimeters wide x [X] inches/millimeters long and be [X] inches/ millimeters thick. Use the “TerrAcousticsTM Styles & Dimensions Sheet” for guidance on the available sizes for each pattern. The NRC rating of the TerrAcoustics™ panels shall be [X]. (Note: a higher NRC rating can be achieved with the addition of insulation material behind the panel.) F. TerrAcoustics™ Non-Acoustical/Reflective panels are also available upon request. G. For perforated and slotted patterns, panel sizes should not be mixed in order to maintain the same size for the non-perforated border around the perimeter of the panels.