Bartley Group TerrAcoustics Binder

ACOUSTICWOOD VENEER WALL & CEILING PANELS • 888-987-6872 42 2.2 SUPPORT SYSTEMS A. TerrAcoustics™ panels shall be attached to a framing substrate system or ceiling grid provided by the installation company, in accordance with the current architectural drawings. 2.3 FINISHES AND COLORS A. TerrAcoustics™ panels shall be factory-finished with clear finish coatings. Custom stain finishes are also available upon request at an additional price. Custom stain finished panels require a longer lead time. All finishes shall be selected by the designer, architect, or designated owner's representative. B. Wood is a natural product with variations in grain, texture, and color. Product finishes shall be stained or sealed, factory spray-applied to achieve a smooth surface. PART 3: EXECUTION 3.1 FABRICATION A. Factory finished TerrAcoustics™ panels shall be square, true to size and free from twist or other defects that could affect their strength or appearance. Factory applied finish should be uniform, smooth and without blemishes. 3.2 PREPARATION A. Layout: The Contractor and/or Installation Company shall measure all wall or ceiling areas, and establish the layout of the TerrAcoustics™ panels and support framing, in accordance with installation guidelines. 3.3 INSTALLATION A. General: The Contractor and/or Installation Company shall install materials in accordance with all applicable regulations and industry standards. B. All panels shall be installed plumb, squared and rigidly anchored maintaining uniform clearances and accurate alignment measurements. 3.4 CLEANING AND PROTECTION INSTALLATION A. Upon completion of the TerrAcoustics™ installation, remove dust from surface, grooves and penetrations by vacuuming using only a soft brush. Do NOT scratch wood surface with sharp metal or plastic vacuum attachment. Remove pencil marks with soft erasure. Remove general surface dirt, dust, grease, oils and fingerprints with a soft damp warm cloth with a mild diluted cleaning agent. Wipe dry with a soft dry cloth. Do not use cleaners with grit or cloths that could scratch the wood surface. B. Contractor shall protect completed TerrAcoustics™ panels from damage by other trades. C. Review the “TerrAcoustics™ Maintenance Guidelines” document (available upon request from your local dealer) for details on how to clean and protect the panels. END OF SECTION