Bartley Group TerrAcoustics Binder

ACOUSTICWOOD VENEER WALL & CEILING PANELS • 888-987-6872 SERVICES 44 INSTALLATION SERVICES All authorized dealers offer affordable, professional installations by trained installers. Installers review all orders and confirm layouts prior to installation. Schedules are determined and agreed to in advance so expectations can be managed and the client remains 100% satisfied. Installers schedule layout walks, as needed, with architects and designers to ensure design integrity. Turnover walks are scheduled upon completion to ensure client satisfaction, review maintenance and product warranty. WARRANTY TerrAcoustics™ products have a one (1) year limited warranty by the manufacturer for manufacturing defects only. The warranty is subject to the recommended preparation of the job site and proper acclimatization and installation of the panels. Wood is a natural product and it is normal for color inconsistencies to occur. Inconsistencies can occur within the same panel or between panels. Colors may also vary due to wood grain, species and age and are excluded from this warranty. All contractor work is guaranteed for one (1) year from final acceptance of completed work and/or date of certificate of substantial completion. A preferred service contract agreement may be available through your local installation company.