Bartley Group TerrAcoustics Binder

ACOUSTICWOOD VENEER WALL & CEILING PANELS • 888-987-6872 ONE (1) YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY 45 The Bartley Group, Inc. (BGI), the exclusive U.S. Distributor of the TerrAcoustics™ product line, offers a one (1) year limited time warranty for the TerrAcoustics™ Products. TerrAcoustics™ panels will be free of defects in materials and workmanship for one (1) year from the date of installation of panels supplied by BGI in accordance with the requirements specified in the Purchase Order provided to BGI by an authorized TerrAcoustics™ distributor / installation company. This does not apply to obvious defects or deviations from the requirements specified on the Purchase Order provided to BGI. For such defects and deviations warranty claims need to be made to BGI within five (5) days of receipt of the Acoustical Panel shipment. If BGI does not receive written notice of any deficiency as to the TerrAcoustics™ panels within five (5) days after delivery, it shall be presumed that the TerrAcoustics™ panels are without defect. Variations in color, texture or grain are normal characteristics of wood veneer and are not considered defects. These variations are not covered by the one (1) year limited time warranty. In case of any defects due to a quality nature, and the product cannot be used or requires re-treatment to be used, BGI shall make every effort to correct the imperfection by means of replacing the defective products or having them fixed for TerrAcoustics™ account. In all cases, BGI’s liability for defective products will not exceed the total amount of the relevant purchase order value. This warranty applies solely to TerrAcoustics™ panels supplied by BGI that are subject to the following conditions described below. WARRANTY CONDITIONS PRIOR TO INSTALLATION To be protected by this warranty, products must not be stored in damp warehouses, placed in moist or freshly plastered buildings, and/or subjected to abnormal heat or dryness. The panels are to be installed in controlled environments and are not to be directly exposed to sunlight, sources of heat or cold air, water, fire, high or low levels of humidity or moisture, dust, extreme temperatures either low or high, and chemical fumes. Installation shall be done only when: all wet work had been completed and dried; all mechanical, electrical, and other utility service installations have been completed; all exterior windows and doors are in place, glazed, and weather-stripped; the roof is to be watertight; the area is broom clean. Temperature and humidity conditions before and during the installation of the TerrAcoustics™ panels must match the normal conditions in the occupied space. The relative humidity of the area shall not drop under 25% or exceed 55% with the following exceptions: the damp Southern Coastal areas of the U.S. the relative humidity shall be maintained between 43% and 70% inclusive and the dry Southwestern U.S. shall be maintained between 17% and 50% inclusive. The temperature of the room shall not drop under 50° F or exceed 86° F. The HVAC system shall be functioning continuously before, during and after installation. The TerrAcoustics™ panels shall be acclimatized to the final environment in which they will be installed for at least 96 hours prior to their installation. Factory finished products require up to a week or more on site for acclimatization. No materials should rest against, or wrap around the TerrAcoustics™ panels.